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We need to strategize for next year's programs. I was thinking we could try and reform policies of the school and get students involved in the school decisions rather than holding clothing drives, though we could do those on the side as well. Here are some suggestions.
- Get students together in protest if the school closes open lunch (a large maybe right now)
- Target Mr. Haleen and his unfair grading policies (no credit for homework)
- Hold petitions or protests to make the state direct more money to the public schools (a long shot- I know)

I was also thinking we need to change out title. If anyone thinks of any ideas- post them here. I came up with a few suggestions.
- Waverly Students Congress
- Waverly Student's Party (I don't see the word "communist" in there, do you?)
- Waverly People's Party (")
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You won't need people to join your club if the school closes open lunch. EVERYBODY WILL PROTEST!!! So don't worry there. I definitely will protest by...wait for it...GOING TO LUNCH ANYWAYS!!! MUWHAHAHAH!!!!
But seriously..that's a good goal..just saying you definitely won't be alone on that one.

Good goal on the second one too, though you'd have to do it more in a one-on-one talk with him instead some huge protest to see why he does it like that. A few people talking to him could do some good, or at least cause some understanding. Then maybe you could do it to every teacher.
Negative sides to this. Don't let it be an official club goal...otherwise the school could shut your club down if they get pissed off. Do it on the "underground".

Good luck on the third one. It won't get any better for schools until the economy gets better. Protesting could open their eyes...but...ya know...our economy is shit. =(

A better name would be good Im sad to say. People equate the word communist or socialist to something evil and negative because of the history between America and Russia. Not all do, but the ignorant people, and Im sad to say that would be the average highschooler. I usually hate babying to the ignorant people of society by not saying what I really mean or titling something as it really is, but in this case you really don't have much choice, and that is a sad thing. I dont' equate those words with something evil. Yes, maybe a bad history, but the ideas aren't evil or wrong, just different.
I like the second name.

And there you have an outsider's opinion. =D
Danke sehr