We need to strategize for next year's programs. I was thinking we could try and reform policies of the school and get students involved in the school decisions rather than holding clothing drives, though we could do those on the side as well. Here are some suggestions.
- Get students together in protest if the school closes open lunch (a large maybe right now)
- Target Mr. Haleen and his unfair grading policies (no credit for homework)
- Hold petitions or protests to make the state direct more money to the public schools (a long shot- I know)

I was also thinking we need to change out title. If anyone thinks of any ideas- post them here. I came up with a few suggestions.
- Waverly Students Congress
- Waverly Student's Party (I don't see the word "communist" in there, do you?)
- Waverly People's Party (")
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First Post

 Hello everybody. Thank you for joining this community. I would first like to start off saying that there is a meeting this Tuesday in Mrs. Butler's room. We will be discussing apossible volunteering opportunities. 

 In addition, can some one write a Bio worthy of our group? Something including what we stand for and our average schedule. Make it a little comical too. Who says Socialists aren't funny? Your free to find a new userpic if it fancies you.